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One of the Top jewellery brands in India
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Available in 200+ Stores in India
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Real Diamond Jewellery Online: By Sparkles

esportsreviews.infoIf we talk of trends, it entirely depends on your needs. Diamond jewellery like every other precious jewellery has two categories of usage- one is for regular usage and one is occasional.

Regular wear diamond jewellery is very much in trend. A simple chain necklace with a diamond pendant or a diamond ring or a diamond stud can completely transform your look. Such diamond jewellery is is very much in demand.

On the other hand heavy Diamond jewellery (such as diamond jewellery set or diamond necklace or diamond bangles) are very event prone. Such jewellery is generally bought during marriage season. If you are looking for such diamond jewellery set it is available from Sparkles. On the basis of your need we can custom produce authentic Indian diamond jewellery set for you.

All in all you get complete assurance from Sparkles. On Sparkles you will always get best diamond jewellery online in India.

Gold and Diamond Jewellery

There is nothing better than a combination of gold and diamond for India. Gold is considered immensely auspicious and is a must in almost every religious event or any major event in Indian families. Gold with diamond is like a boon wrapped in luxury. Demand for gold and diamond jewellery is on the rise in case of bridal jewellery and gifting options.

Diamond jewellery necklace

There are many types of necklaces, many designs and many shapes! You can either look for regular options like chains, pendants, double string diamond necklace or you can look at heavier options like bridal collections, choker, diamond with rubies and emeralds and other set options.

Bridal diamond jewellery

Bridal Diamond Jewellery is heavy and very intricately designed. Uncut diamonds jewellery is the trend form bridal jewellery since last year. In case of bridal jewellery most people in India prefer gold with diamond. There are most impeccable styles available in the market and with us to suit your choices.

Diamond jewellery rings

Diamond ring is the most popular choice in the diamond jewellery business. A symbol of togetherness and eternal bond, a diamond ring is the core of an engagement for marriage. Various different styles are available out there, Marquise, pear, princess cut with various different metal bands and innumerable styles. If you are looking for something regular, go for simple designs and a single band rings.

Polki diamond jewellery

Polki Style came out in the Mughal era, it was a speciality of Bikaner of using uncut diamonds in the jewellery making process. It became famous again since last year and has become very mainstream. Most suited for traditional and cultural occasions, these are usually heavy designs with a lot of volume. Polki design was made popular by daily soaps in India and are still raging out there.

Diamond polki jewellery designs

There are many polki designs available in the market today. The most sought after designs are the bridal designs that are heavy and have amazing intricate designs. The designs that are very common in polki style are:

  • 2 close layer: This one comes from the visual picture of the daily soaps. The Queen style diamond references have been taken from the pictures and examples of Rajasthani Queens and princesses. The uncut diamonds are laced in 2 layers with a brooch of diamond towards the left or the right side depending on your choice.
  • Choker: Choker is a neck-piece that stays close to our throat in a round shape. The choker style has been around for some time now. Uncut Diamond Choker can vary from modern one chain style or conventional designs.
  • Polki Pearl: Pearl with diamonds as I have said before are one of the most sought after options. Uncut Diamonds are laced in layers (as many as you want, if you want a light look go for 2 layers only), with pearls hanging from the ends of the diamond. Another style is the mix lace of diamonds and pearls placed alternatively. This is a simple look that goes best with pastel attire.

Other Polki Diamond Jewellery

  • Polki Ruby: Diamonds and Ruby are one of the best combinations ever. The white lustre of diamond and the red bright lustre of ruby make it a very effective visual combo. You can either get designs that have alternate placing of diamond and ruby in layers. Or you can get something that has ruby as the pendant surrounded by uncut diamonds of various sizes. You can also look at the queen style of Polki designs.
  • Polki Gold: All the diamond jewelleries need base of some metal. Gold is one of the most popular options out there amongst Indian women. Polki Gold is mostly gold with diamond embellishments in the design. The entire necklace is not made of diamond, the design is in gold with diamond studs in between as a floral pattern or a motif pattern.

Fashion diamond jewellery

Fashion Diamond jewellery is the category of daily fashion use. Diamonds are either light or very heavy in designs. If you look at a diamond pendant or a simple ring or simple ear studs- you are looking at the light category. Bridal, polki and layered designs come in the heavy category. If you are looking for regular styles, go for simple diamond jewellery without much work or adornments or designs. A simple platinum band with a diamond stud or a platinum chain with a diamond pendant would just work fine.

Kids diamond jewellery

There are various different styles available in the market for kids diamond jewellery. You can get a hand band for your kid with diamond stud in the mid or if your girl has an ear piercing get her a simple diamond stud, that would be enough for your kid. Do not go for heavy jewellery or very expensive bands, children are prone to losing things after all!

Diamond Jewellery in trend

In trend, diamond jewellery that are very simple and elegant work best. If you are looking for something professional, go for simple designs and very plain works. You can go with white gold and platinum that suit best with a professional get up. For regular use you can also go for very fine chain of yellow gold with a diamond pendant or use sterling silver with a diamond pendant.

With the advent in technology and new ways of cutting diamonds and placing them in the base metal there are so many options available out there to choose from. Pick your best option according to your needs, regular or occasional!