The Sparkles Guarantee

The Sparkles Guarantee

At Sparkles, we believe in full transparency and a commitment to the customer for providing the finest diamonds and jewellery.

We understand that you may only be certain of your purchase once you touch, hold and see your finished product. And we want your jewellery to become a lifetime treasure.

We therefor provide a flexible returns and exchange policy*, a lifetime service of free repairs*, and a lifetime buyback* option as well.

If something were to happen to your jewellery piece or diamond stone, or you wanted to give back the product after a certain period of time, you will be covered under this policy*.

We provide you with the opportunity to return the product to us – and it will go under a full evaluation. The buyback value will be at our discretion and it will depend on the condition of the product.

If it is undamaged, unaltered and has all the original certificates and invoices, it will be eligible for buyback.

Please note: any stone setting, resizing or repairing of your jewellery that has not been done by a third-party jeweller, will void your guarantee. For more information on this, contact one of our customer care representatives.