8 Grams Gold Coin 24kt 999 Purity


Gold is not just worn to accompany the status symbol, It has proven spiritual powers that brings happiness, peace and stability to the human race. The sacred power of gold was well-known in ancient China, India and Persia. Gold is believed to open the crown chakra and to help out someone who wears it properly. It has protective properties that remove all evils from your body.

Feel the spiritual power of gold in its purest form with the unique collection of our gold coins.


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From ancient time, gold is regarded as the lucrative, stable and intelligent investment for individual or institution. Gold bars are preferred over jewellery when looking for a future investment. Sparkle’s gold bars offer the unique way of gifting in weddings or festivals with the trust of Hallmark which ensures the purity and quality of the gold.

Gold Coins Pros

1. Come in all shapes and sizes, marked with a date so there is high gifting value of commemoration.
2. Greater liquidity and fluidity when buying
3. Smaller portions can be bought without very high production costs.
4. Easier to store and high collectable value

Gold Coins Price in India – Sparkles Gold Coins

The current range in which we offer values are (approximate),
1 gm- ₹ 3350/-
2 gm- ₹ 6650/-
5 gm- ₹ 16500/-
8 gm- ₹ 26350/-
10 gm- ₹ 32,900/-

Stay assured with our best value offers for you. Bring home a blend of rich and peace in the name of gold coins!