10 Grams Gold Coin 24kt 999 Purity

Gold is an ultimate gift that speaks volume. Because of its immense spiritual and religious significance, gold is regarded as the purest among the metals. Buying gold on an auspicious day is considered a good omen that attracts divine consciousness. Be part of the sparkle family and bring home to prosperity and happiness with our gold coins.

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Please note that you can choose your Diamond Jewellery to be certified either by IGI (14 days delivery time) or EGL (7 days delivery time). Please mention your preference in the comments while placing the order.

The Sparkles Advantage - Guarantee on Diamond Jewellery

At Sparkles, we believe in full transparency and a commitment to the customer for providing the finest diamonds and jewellery. We therefor provide a flexible returns and exchange policy.

Returns & Exchanges on Diamond Jewellery

With our fabulous 30-day Returns & Exchanges policy, you can order any item from Sparkles, keep it for 30 days and if it’s not something you love or you find a fault with it, you can return it with no fees attached.


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Holding a gold coin in your hand is quite an experience to behold. Gold coin is not just a great option for gifting but it is an excellent way for saving or investing. Experts recommend 5-10% of your investment to be in gold so there is diversity in your investment. We provide a guarantee of the best from our stores which is also available online now. We offer gold coins in two shapes- round and rectangle to choose from.

Things to Know while Buying Gold Coins

When you buy gold coin online, there are certain regulations you must always be aware of.

Purity of Gold

The purity of gold is defined in two parameters- carat and fineness. The most commonly used parameter is carat wherein a 24 carat gold means the most pure form of gold that is 24/24 parts of it is gold. There is a 22 carat gold as well where 22 part is gold while the rest two is a mix of some metal to provide a sturdy structure. Fineness is another way to find out if the 24 carat is pure or not.


The Bureau of Indian Standards or BIS has issued a decree of hallmarking every gold ietm on sale. There are five components that are marked on gold, namely BIS logo, purity/fineness corresponding number (for 22KT, 916 is used), logo of Assaying and Hallmarking centre, year of marking, and jewellers identification mark.


Gold coins come in tamper proof packaging and unless you are reselling it it is advisable not to take the cover off.
Keep these pointers in mind before buying gold.